Since 2012, Still Here has built creative space for LGBTQI artists born and raised in San Francisco to tell our stories of survival. 


Our Mission

Still Here is an annual multidisciplinary performance that reveals the experiences of Queer/LGBTQI individuals raised in San Francisco and still living in San Francisco/Bay Area. Each year, it is one of the most popular parts of the National Queer Arts Festival in June.

In its 5th year, Still Here will center the experiences of artists from the Latinx diaspora With the Orlando shooting and the increasing anti-Latinx/queer/trans/immigrant hate, Latinx have gained mainstream visibility through violence. Through this show, we will claim our VISIBILITY as queer/trans Latinx. We exist. We are visible. We emerge. We own our stories. We tell them with our own flavor.  

We believe that as storytellers, poets, multimedia artists, singers, and dancers we can contribute profound re-understanding of time and place. We believe it is critical to voice our complex experiences as Latinx with strong San Francisco roots and understand that we have made profound contributions to San Francisco.  

In this year’s show, we will create space for the issues that have become the foundation of Still Here while also providing insight to our particular Latinx identitiesqueerness, coming out, sex, loss, AIDS/HIV, and historical legacy. 

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Still Here 5 is urgent: We all live in an area where people are still being discriminated against, still being displaced, with such disregard.
— Kaira P, Still Here artist