Since 2012, Still Here has built creative space for LGBTQI2S+ artists born and raised in San Francisco to tell our stories of survival. 


Our Mission

Still Here is a performance and cultural preservation project that reveals the experiences of Queer/LGBTQI2S individuals raised in San Francisco and still living in San Francisco/Bay Area. Each year, it is one of the most popular parts of the National Queer Arts Festival in June.

In our 7th year, Still Here is publishing a book of non-fiction writing in partnership with Foglifter Press. Join us as we celebrate the release of this anthology centering the voices of incredible LGBTQIA2S+ artists of color raised in San Francisco on June 22nd, 2019!

The Still Here Anthology, edited by Mason J. and Natalia M. Vigil, showcases the unique narratives of LGBTQIA2S+ people raised in San Francisco. These experiences are the foundation of Still Here’s work exploring queerness, coming out, AIDS/HIV, loss, reclaiming intergenerational memory, legacy, ancestors, and more.

We believe that as storytellers, poets, and multimedia we can contribute profound re-understanding of time and place. We believe it is critical to voice our complex experiences with strong San Francisco roots and understand that we have made profound contributions to San Francisco.  

Featuring the work of Yaminah Abdur-Rahim, Tina Valentin Aguirre, Cathy Arellano, Tina Bartolome, Kameron Burroughs, Lenore Chinn, Kyle Casey Chu, Prado Gomez, Reid Gómez, Alma Herrera-Pazmiño , Mason J., Kimberlynn, tanea lunsford lynx, Vero Majano, Thea Matthews, Cristina Mitra, Janine Mogannan, Kaira P., Donna Personna, Carnelius Quinn, Nina Reyes Rosenberg, Amanda Vigil, Amelia Vigil, Natalia M. Vigil & Chloe Xantal.

Still Here is made possible with the generous support of the Queer Cultural Center, the San Francisco Arts Commission, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, and the California Arts Council.

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Still Here is urgent: We all live in an area where people are still being discriminated against, still being displaced, with such disregard.
— Kaira P, Still Here artist